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Aaron Lam 
Author and Filmmaker


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Available from BearManor Media

Available from BearManor Media

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Composing Adventure

Composing Adventure: Conversations with Composers about Great Adventure Scores is a collection of interviews with the talented artists behind the scores for some of cinema's most celebrated adventure films. Through casual conversations with composers like Bill Conti, Bruce Broughton, Laurence Rosenthal, Lee Holdridge, Craig Safan and many more, you will learn about their experiences in the film industry as they created some of the most memorable music ever written for motion pictures. 


Believing a Man Can Fly

As the old adage goes, an Oscar is heavier than you’d expect. For Colin Chilvers, it was true in more ways than one. At the 51st Academy Awards on April 9, 1979, Chilvers joined his fellow special-effects wizards onstage at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles. Presenter Steve Martin handed them each a Special Achievement statuette for their groundbreaking work on Superman: The Movie. READ MORE...

The Fake-Chicken Kung Fu Fighting Blues


12-year-old movie buff Anthony is devastated when his family moves from Chinatown to a remote northern community. There are no other Asian families around and everyone loves hockey, which Anthony just doesn't get. The move is even harder on his grandmother, Po Po, who doesn't speak English and puts a fake chicken over the front door for luck. 


Home: Work


Aaron has written articles for various magazines that have explored a wide range of topics, from business and the economy to the film industry and health care. Below are links to a few of his magazine articles.

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Read Aaron's article about MacKids Walk & Wheel in Health, Wellness & Safety Magazine (page 8).

Read Aaron's article about Strides For The General in Business Link (page 5).

Read Aaron's article about animatronics in ENGINUITY.

Read Aaron's article NuMedia Internet Inc. in Business $ense.



Aaron has produced and directed a number of television documentaries. His credits include:

  • An Artist of the Grand: Journey Through Festival Country (TVOntario, 2000) - Director

  • The Spirit of Place: Trans Canada Trailblazing
    (TVOntario, 2000) - Associate Producer

  • Hockey: More Than a Game (PBS, 2011) - Co-Producer

  • The Shaw Festival: Behind the Curtain (PBS, 2013) - Co-Director

  • Click here to watch the trailer and DVD extras for the PBS documentary The Shaw Festival: Behind the Curtain.

Aaron has directed a number of public service announcements for broadcast:

  • Click here to watch the PSA for The Gift of Health.

  • Click here to watch the PSA for Strides For The General

  • Click here to watch the PSA for Illuminight.

  • Click here to watch the PSA for Tomorrow Stems From You.

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