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Composing Adventure

Rocky. Silverado. Clash of the Titans. Once you hear the musical themes of these films, they take up permanent residence in your head.

In the grandest cinematic tradition, great adventure movies require great adventure scores to fully express the scope of their triumph, tragedy and romance. These scores become characters themselves in the stories they help to tell. The triumphant fanfares, pounding rhythms and soaring strings bring a magical element to the images they accompany and lift them to exciting new levels.

Composing Adventure: Conversations with Composers about Great Adventure Scores is a collection of interviews with the talented artists behind the scores for some of cinema's most celebrated adventure films.

Through casual conversations with composers like Bill Conti, Bruce Broughton, Laurence Rosenthal, Lee Holdridge, Craig Safan and many more, you will learn about their experiences in the film industry as they created some of the most memorable music ever written for motion pictures.


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